This picturesque and very lively little village climbs up on the southern hillsides of the woody mountains embracing the Káli Basin of the Upper Balaton Region from the north. Looking down from the church, first you see the zigzagging streets and the tiled or thatched roofs of the village, while further lies the marshy plain of the Káli Basin. The view is open right up to the Lake Balaton.

On the mountainsides, under the forest, vineyards begin. They are not large-scale farms, but small family estates looked after with loving care and competence, producing white wines typical of the region. Pleasant walkways lead from one wine-cellar to the other. In case you find the owner at home, soon the sampling-tube and the glasses are likely to appear and you will be offered some wine during the conversation.

The hillsides turn into full white and pink bloom already in March, thanks to the flowers of almond-trees growing in between the grape-vines. Almond belongs to the fruits of this countryside since a long time, and, just like the wines, almonds gain a definite and pleasant taste from the land and sunshine of this volcanic region. The biggest plantation with nearly 2 thousand trees blooms right above the village.

Szentbékkálla is famous for the Sea of Stones, which possesses curing power due to its location above the St.George vibrating line.

The whitewashed, plaster-decorated houses of the village have saved the centuries-old traditions of the local architecture. It is neither a skanzen, nor a dead museum, but a community living at its centuries-old place, where the number of children is bigger than that of the old-aged. A village which is also enjoyed by the visitor. Perhaps this attractive power explains why Szentbékkálla gives home to residents of German, British and American origin too. They are not simply having a holiday here but living in this village. Visit us and enjoy the hospitality of Szentbékkálla!

In 2010 Szentbékkálla won the Value-rich Settlement Award!



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